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Pi Knives aX – dobolock

Pi Knives has introduced an interesting folder design they call the aX – dobolock. Debuting, and winning an award, at the 2011 Blade Show last month, the knife opens toward the palm. Er, it folds along a different axis. Uhm, … Continue reading

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Three Point Innovations Box-to-Mag Loader

From the Department of I Should Have Thought Of That, comes the Box-to-Mag loader from Three Point Innovations. Anyone who’s ever spent time loading 5.56×45 into STANAG magazines from boxes should appreciate this product. Drop a 20 round box of … Continue reading

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Constitution Arms Palm38 Tri-Cor

Who loves high speed video of ballistics tests? A better question is, who doesn’t? Constitution Arms is releasing a patent pending new ammunition in .38 branded the Palm38 Tri-Cor. The round is 158 grains of payload divided into three separate … Continue reading

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Command Arms Accesories Roni Recon

This just in from the Department of Redundancy Department. The Roni Recon is a new Glock conversion kit from Command Arms Accessories. It, uh, makes your Glock bigger. And, if you can believe it, uglier. The lack of a forearm … Continue reading

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Spec-Ops T.H.E. Messenger Bag

Pros Durable Lots of room Lots of attachment points Comfortable strap attachment Innovative zipper entry Cons No interior structured storage Shoulder strap not detachable Spec-Ops is a brand that has yet to disappoint me. Their products are functional and efficient. … Continue reading

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QASM Vertical Connector

From the Department of I Should Have Thought Of That, comes Downrange Gear’s QASM Vertical Connector. The connector combines a layered length of 1″ nylon webbing, that has loops on both ends, with an ITW QASM buckle. Sliding the webbing … Continue reading

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Firing the KSG

Interest in the Kel-tec KSG 12 gague bull pup shotgun continues to increase. I for one, am very interested. This video of a preproduction model being fired speaks for itself.

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Pros Compact Unobtrusive Works Cons Difficult to open Uncomfortable to use Tool of last resort The Swiss+Tech Utilikey is an interesting product. Using the Utilikey is like drinking Natural Light, it’s not great, but it beats nothing. Barely. Marketed as … Continue reading

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Denel PAW-20

I’m torn about the Denel Neopup PAW-20. It looks like a weapon from a video game, with a pistol grip mounted on the right side of the receiver and a profile dreamed up by a teenager raised on anime. If … Continue reading

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TYR Assaulters Sustainment Pack

TYR Tactical has released an interesting new backpack, the TYR Assaulters Sustainment Pack. Weighing in at svelte 21.2 oz, the ASP holds 360 cubic inches internally and can nearly double that capacity with an additional estimated 640 cubic inches of … Continue reading

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