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Magpul MBUS Gen 2

Magpul has released a second generation version of their popular MBUS back-up sight. The folding front and rear sights looks sleeker and more refined. The AR style rear aperture and front post folding sights are injection molded and available in … Continue reading

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Cold Steel The Spike

Pros Wicked Sharp Good sheath retention Good grip retention Thick strong blade Scandinavian grind Cons Too heavy for neck carry Not very concealable Scandinavian grind Narrow handle may not be comfortable for large hands The Cold Steel Spike is something … Continue reading

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Spec-Ops T.H.E. Messenger Bag: Update

Spec-Ops appears to be in the middle of a pretty substantial overhaul of their website. While T.H.E. Messenger Bag isn’t available through the web store yet, I did get a response from a customer service rep letting me know they … Continue reading

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Maglite XL100

Flashlights have been an indispensable tool since their inception at the tail end of the 19th century. Flashlights are such a reliable and ubiquitous tool that describing the benefits and applications of one is likely only necessary in the rare … Continue reading

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10-8 Glock Sight In Tool

Here’s an interesting product coming from 10-8. The Glock Sight in Tool takes into account the minor variations in Glock front sights and assist the shooter in determining the proper front sight to purchase. The kit comes with a nylon … Continue reading

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Spec-Ops T.H.E. Messenger Bag

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m biased in favor of Spec-Ops brand gear. They make solid dependable gear that is task oriented. I own some of it, and I love all of it. I’m not, however, crazy about … Continue reading

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T.A.D. Ranger Hoodie LT

Triple Aught Design has released the Ranger Hoodie LT. Made from Polartec┬« Wind Pro fabric it looks to be a quality intermediate layer. It’s fit close enough to be worn under a hard shell as an insulating layer, but flexible … Continue reading

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Kel-Tec KSG

The Kelt-Tec KSG has me wetting my pants, and I’m not afraid to say it. If you haven’t heard of the KSG, or don’t think anything should warrant such emasculating praise, let me give you the broad strokes on this … Continue reading

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County Comm Pocket Widgy

Pros D-9 Steel is hard but flexible Convenient size Cheap Cons Too short for prying Few practical uses? County Comm is fast becoming one of my favorite websites. Despite the mid 90s design and headache inducing navigation, goodies abound for … Continue reading

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PCP Ammo Polymer Cased Ammunition

PCP Ammo is releasing, or has already released it’s hard to tell, polymer cased ammunition. Polymer cased ammo is hardly new, but PCP Ammo claims to have solved many of the problems with polymer cases, such as melting and head … Continue reading

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