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Three Point Innovations Box-to-Mag Loader

From the Department of I Should Have Thought Of That, comes the Box-to-Mag loader from Three Point Innovations. Anyone who’s ever spent time loading 5.56×45 into STANAG magazines from boxes should appreciate this product. Drop a 20 round box of … Continue reading

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Constitution Arms Palm38 Tri-Cor

Who loves high speed video of ballistics tests? A better question is, who doesn’t? Constitution Arms is releasing a patent pending new ammunition in .38 branded the Palm38 Tri-Cor. The round is 158 grains of payload divided into three separate … Continue reading

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Command Arms Accesories Roni Recon

This just in from the Department of Redundancy Department. The Roni Recon is a new Glock conversion kit from Command Arms Accessories. It, uh, makes your Glock bigger. And, if you can believe it, uglier. The lack of a forearm … Continue reading

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Firing the KSG

Interest in the Kel-tec KSG 12 gague bull pup shotgun continues to increase. I for one, am very interested. This video of a preproduction model being fired speaks for itself.

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Denel PAW-20

I’m torn about the Denel Neopup PAW-20. It looks like a weapon from a video game, with a pistol grip mounted on the right side of the receiver and a profile dreamed up by a teenager raised on anime. If … Continue reading

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Magpul MBUS Gen 2

Magpul has released a second generation version of their popular MBUS back-up sight. The folding front and rear sights looks sleeker and more refined. The AR style rear aperture and front post folding sights are injection molded and available in … Continue reading

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10-8 Glock Sight In Tool

Here’s an interesting product coming from 10-8. The Glock Sight in Tool takes into account the minor variations in Glock front sights and assist the shooter in determining the proper front sight to purchase. The kit comes with a nylon … Continue reading

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Kel-Tec KSG

The Kelt-Tec KSG has me wetting my pants, and I’m not afraid to say it. If you haven’t heard of the KSG, or don’t think anything should warrant such emasculating praise, let me give you the broad strokes on this … Continue reading

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PCP Ammo Polymer Cased Ammunition

PCP Ammo is releasing, or has already released it’s hard to tell, polymer cased ammunition. Polymer cased ammo is hardly new, but PCP Ammo claims to have solved many of the problems with polymer cases, such as melting and head … Continue reading

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Gun Blade

Merging guns and knives is nothing new. Military rifles have featured bayonets almost since the introduction of firearms into combat. Knives and swords that fired bullets as a last ditch offensive attack were introduced shortly thereafter. What I’ve not seen … Continue reading

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