Spec-Ops Brand T.H.E. Pack

  • Pros
    • Large Capacity
    • High visibility interior
    • Hydration pack ready
    • GRID-LOK attachment loops (compatible with X-system, MOLLE and ALICE accessories.
    • Comfortable shoulder straps
    • Chest and waist belt, adjustable
    • Heavy duty, reinforced, pull handle
    • Large rugged zipper and pulls
    • Weather proof access ducts for commo and hydration
    • Several subdued colors to choose from
  • Cons
    • Zippers bind sometimes

Procuring a quality tactical backpack that fits common operational needs can be a daunting task. All too many of the commonly available packs aren’t durable enough, have inadequate storage space, or are unavailable in subdued colors. Many have extraneous options like external webbed pockets that appeal to the hiker, but can cause your gear to get snagged on underbrush or other obstacles while maneuvering in tight situations. A few backpacks that are branded as “Tactical” are simply civilian hiking packs that have been produced in camouflage or black. While they may work for a while, they haven’t been designed for or buy anyone with tactical movement in mind, and frequently are not up to the rigors that soldiers and other operators may place on them.

It’s for these reasons that Spec-Ops designed T.H.E. Pack. The acronym stands for Tactical Holds Everything, and while that isn’t quite literally true, it is a versatile and reliable piece of gear that meets the demands that a contemporary tactical operator will place on it. It can also carry damn near anything you might want it to.

19 inches high, 13 wide and 12 inches thick, T.H.E Pack has a spacious main cavity that measures 1730 cubic inches, and two other large zippered compartments on the outside; an upper one that has 250 cubic inches of capacity and a lower at 570 cubic inches. That makes for a whopping total of 2550 cubic inches of storage capacity in a backpack with a very close profile. The main compartment is further divided with compartment for a hydration system, and a zippered mesh interior pocket.

There’s enough room in there for a few thousands rounds of ammunition, a spare uniform, gloves, a hat, kneepads, and probably more. They’ve thoughtfully designed the interior with a high visibility yellow lining to make it easier to find what you’re looking for in all that space. The exterior color is fortunately more subdued and it can be had in ACU, Black, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, Olive and Tan.

If you run out of interior space, the entire outside, both along the sides and the face of the zippered pockets, is covered in Spec-Ops GRID-LOK attachment loops that are compatible with their own X-System accessories, MOLLE accessories, and even the old ALICE system. Just about anything can be lashed, strapped, or bundled onto the exterior of this pack and it will be secure.

If you’re moving with a lighter load, you don’t have to worry about the pack flopping around. Each side has two compression straps that are integrated into the load loops of each external zippered pocket to allow the load, no matter how small, to be cinched tight. In combination with the chest strap and the removable, adjustable, waist belt, practically any sized load can be secured to your back with little shift during even strenuous movement.

T.H.E. Pack fits very comfortably and can be worn for hours with little discomfort. The waist belt isn’t padded, but it’s 2 inches wide with a large and easy to operate buckle. If you don’t like it though, it’s removable. The shoulder straps are well padded and easily adjusted with cinch straps. If you want more rigidity and support for the pack, an internal frame can be purchased separately that slides down into the hydration pocket and helps distribute the load between the shoulder straps and waist belt.

The entire package is assembled with the sort of over engineered enthusiasm that can only be delivered by someone who’s had gear fail on them at critical times. Constructed entirely of heavy duty 1000D Cordura nylon in the US, specific areas like the drag handle and shoulder strap anchors have been double layered and reinforced with extra stitching to prevent tear outs. The compartment zippers are huge and rugged, and never bind, although sometimes, especially near the top, they do jam up on the zipper flap. It never binds enough to cause the zipper to misthread, but is enough to be irritating and may be enough to prevent complete closure in a high stress situation where time is a factor. This minor annoyance is, literally, my only complaint about this back pack.

I’ve worn this pack for hours at a time, overloaded and under loaded with a variety of gear and in a number of mobility situations. I’ve treated this pack the way you only treat gear that you know won’t fall apart, and I’ve never been displeased with it. I take it with me nearly every time I leave home, whether I’m just going to the office, traveling, or headed into the field. If for some reason it ever failed me, it’s covered by Spec-Ops lifetime guarantee. If it’s a fault in materials or construction, they’ll repair or replace it. If it’s your fault, they’ll fix it, and if your story is good enough they’ll probably do it for free.

T.H.E. Pack gets a rating of 5/5

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