Gun Blade

Merging guns and knives is nothing new. Military rifles have featured bayonets almost since the introduction of firearms into combat. Knives and swords that fired bullets as a last ditch offensive attack were introduced shortly thereafter. What I’ve not seen before, for what appears to be good reasons, is a knife that featured a repeating double action firearm as an integral part of the weapon.

Global Research and Development has managed to fill that very narrow market niche with this AOW product that puts a five round .22 caliber revolver in the handle of a knife. The product appears as interesting as it does pointless. The defensive capacity of f rounds of .22 is dubious at best, especially when it’s contained in the handle of another, more formidable weapon. The trigger assembly pops out of the knife’s handle, requiring what appears to be a very awkward and unsafe grip to work the action. Additionally, it’s unclear if the trigger can be restowed without firing a round, a prospect that should make any eyebrows raise.

In case you’re still interested though, they make a model that will fit on an AR platform bayonet lug. You know, just in case you wanted three weapons in one hand.

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