FR Shemaughlava

What was that? Were you just thinking “If only someone would combine a balaclava with a shemagh!” No? Well, if you were, then 782 Gear heard your cry for help and has released a product with the tongue twisting name of FR Shemaughlava.

For the life of me, this seems like a product trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Unless, I guess, the problem is you find a shemagh difficult to don.

Whether you call it a shemagh, a keffiyeh, or a ghutrah, this simple head dress has been a nearly ubiquitous staple of the middle east for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It’s a lightweight square of woven cotton or a cotton wool blend that shields you from the sun, keeps the night chill off your neck and filters dust from the air. As headwear, it literally does not get any simpler and donning it is just as easy.

Wrapping a shemagh lands somewhere on the complication scale between tying your shoes and folding a towel.

I guess the FR Shemaughlava may be made with some space age moisture wicking, UV blocking microfiber embedded with infrared IFF markers, and these special material properties are what’s so innovative about the product. That would mean that the problem it’s solving is one that hasn’t been an issue with generations of desert dwellers. I suspect though, that the problem being solved here, is the low margin of return on selling a shemagh made of cotton and or wool.

I’ve never actually worn one though, so I could be wrong, but at $40 a pop, I’m not likely to find out either.

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