PCP Ammo Polymer Cased Ammunition

PCP Ammo is releasing, or has already released it’s hard to tell, polymer cased ammunition. Polymer cased ammo is hardly new, but PCP Ammo claims to have solved many of the problems with polymer cases, such as melting and head separation “through new patented designs and material selection.” Aside from the obvious weight advantage over brass casings, PCP suggests “early performance evaluation both ballistic and environmental has shown the potential for greater accuracy, reduced weapon wear, and higher reliability over conventional brass ammunition.”

I’ll admit to being intrigued, but hardly sold on the idea. I don’t know that my concerns are simply a fear of change or refusal to deviate from nearly two hundred years of brass casings. Brass has material qualities that make it ideal for casing use, indeed, material qualities that are specifically accounted for in firearm design. Changing the material of the casing can have interesting, and even frustrating results. Just ask someone who’s had to hammer an expended steel casing out of the chamber of their AR, and you’ll get an earful on the casing debate.

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  1. Kevin says:

    What will be the price? If it is more expensive than standard brass… there is really no need for it. Plus, I guess, it eliminates the ability to reload. But time will tell, if this works well in modern firearms and if it reduces price, I will be trying it.

  2. Ed Hawkins says:

    It’s hard to say what the price is going to be. PCP implies that the cost will be competitive, but their copy spends a lot of time saying the primary advantage will be weight savings, and not cost savings. I concur though, if there’s no cost benefit then I can’t really see a reason to buy it. I’m generally cautious about the claims of new materials technology that claim to correct hundreds of years of practical use.

  3. richard Fleischer says:

    There was a reloadable plastic cased ammo I remember from about 25 years ago or so. I still have the brochure, and if I remember correctly it was only 38 special and low pressure. Both the cases and bullets had to be purchased from the company and the bullets were loaded using a hand press also purchased. the cases could be loaded multiple times and then discarded like brass.

  4. Richard says:

    So far from what I have seen, PCP didn’t do anything more than taking the idea of the defunct PCA ammo and tried to improve on it
    The inversion of the brass base cap inwards “might” be of help where the base cap separation is concerned, but far from a solution when it comes to rapid auto fire and high heat is concerned. Polymer is for sure the way to the future, however, polymer melts ( simply stating for injection molding purposes) at around 450 – 650 deg, depending of the characteristics ( 6-6, 6-12, rubber added, fiber glass etc etc)
    So it is only logical that the polymer will soften well enough, to say the least, so that the base cap, whether outside rimmed ( as the case with the PCA) or inside grooved covered with polymer ( as in the case of PCP)
    When it comes to neck separation and or the tip of the polymer detaching and leaving the barrel with the projectile ( it caused a lot of gumming in the past) one has to understand the process itself . In order to achieve a minimum pull of the projectile from the case ( used to be 45 lbs in the past, I don’t think this changed) grooves (cannelures) are made on the projectile part that is inserted into the polymer case. The deeper those grooves are, the higher the pull, ( which, if we want to go further, means more delay In projectile exit, thus building more initial pressure inside the chamber etc ). But the problematics of this as you might have guessed, is that the more those cannelures are deeper, the more they will cling to the case neck and cause it to depart with it…
    Just some food for thought. I have fired enough of those to know what it means, now depending on the price, have some fun yourself !!

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