Kel-Tec KSG

The Kelt-Tec KSG has me wetting my pants, and I’m not afraid to say it. If you haven’t heard of the KSG, or don’t think anything should warrant such emasculating praise, let me give you the broad strokes on this firearm.

It’s a bullpup 12 gauge shotgun that weighs 6.9 lbs and has a total length of 26.1″ and dual 7 round tube magazines for a total load of 14+1. The expected MSRP is in the $800.00 range.

Maybe now you’re wetting your pants too. It’s okay. There’s no shame in it. It all sounds pretty awesome. If it works.

Kel-Tech has some iffy history. Interesting engineering set off by a hoo hum public reception. The KSG is the company’s first shotgun, and it appears they just weren’t satisfied with doing something normal, or adopting a design that was tested and proved. The KSG is a whole new weapon, from top to bottom.

26″? Is that even legal? The KSG is a bullpup design, so the chamber is located not above or forward of the trigger, but behind, near the stock. This allows for a reduction of over all length, but still keeps it well within the legal limit of an 18″ barrel.

A lot of people don’t like bullpup designs, and they don’t tend to sell very well. One of the concerns is having the chamber that close to your face. Even though the statistical likely hood is low, there’s a chance, every time you pull the trigger, that it may go boom. Next to your face is not where you want that to happen. Kel-Tech as thought of this though, and the stock encloses the action. It’s constructed of 1/16th” steel and should deflect any energy away from your precious face bits.

The magazines are selected by a lever switch, and I’m not crazy about that, but I can see some advantages to it. I find myself thinking, “what happens in a defensive situation when I run all 7+1 rounds out?” Your next trigger pull gets a dry click unless you’ve had the presence of mind to move the selector switch. On the other hand, you’d face the same situation with any other shotguns. It’s a weapons platform that’s not really known for capacity.

On the gripping hand, independently selectable magazines allows you to change up loads. Breaching rounds in one tube, and 00 in the other. Buck and slugs? Sure, why not.

There’s some troubling news about trigger rest problems, namely, it doesn’t. If true, this is a big problem. Kel-Tech has admitted the the problem exists with the pre-production model seen at shows, and promises that it will be resolved by release time. I hope that’s true, because I really want to get my hands on one of these.

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