Constitution Arms Palm38 Tri-Cor

Who loves high speed video of ballistics tests? A better question is, who doesn’t?

Constitution Arms is releasing a patent pending new ammunition in .38 branded the Palm38 Tri-Cor. The round is 158 grains of payload divided into three separate projectiles, stacked on top of each other, that separate in flight. Check out this video of the round entering ballistics gel.

That’s a devastating looking wound channel, and some impressive hydrostatic shock. Round separation appears to happen relatively quickly though, and you can see the rounds tumbling before entering the target. I’d imagine range would be pretty limited. Since it appears to be designed for their Palm Pistol, long range accuracy may not be an objective.

And then there’s the price. $29.99 for a blister pack of 6 rounds! That’s between two and three times the cost of .50 BMG depending on your dealer.

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